Adams Street Partners X WLLX

Adams Street Partners X WLLX

Investor Conference Goes Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Adams Street Partners to find an online alternative to their flagship annual investor conference. In response, WLLX delivered a slick virtual experience that was designed to engage even the most Zoom-fatigued participant.

  • Virtual investor conference with global attendance
  • Live presentations from multiple US locations and London hub
  • Fully interactive Q&A sessions
  • Full custom event microsite
  • Optimised and captioned on-demand content available post-event
  • 50% of attendees used interactive features, resulting in 623 interactions
Thank you… really great job with a seamless audience experience. Please extend our gratitude to the whole team!
Vice President, Marketing
Adams Street Partners, 2020

In a year paralysed by a global pandemic and dominated by the US Presidential Election, how can an investment management brand cut through the noise and compel clients to engage online?


WLLX was tasked with turning Adams Street Partners’ annual Investor Conference into a fully secure, premium virtual experience. The priority was to enable Adams Street Partners to deliver key business updates remotely and present the company’s revitalised brand to a worldwide audience.

It was also important to hold attendee attention through a slick and rich virtual experience, from a custom and fully branded event microsite to interactive participation on the day and post-event on-demand content. Minimal friction, maximum impact.


An online event home

WLLX created a full, custom microsite to host the conference itself, as well as pre-event information and post-event on-demand content that was edited and optimised with translated subtitles to cater to an international audience. The site featured a content-rich agenda, engaging speaker biographies and links to insight articles, driving additional traffic to the client’s main website.

Multi-location live production

With event speakers presenting live from two studio locations in Chicago, London, California and Massachusetts, WLLX’s priority was rock-solid, flawless production. We managed on-screen presenter slides and facilitated two-way Q&A sessions, with questions from the audience submitted live via the microsite, from broadcast hubs in London and Chicago.

Content in the mix

Complementing the live speaker portions were pre-recorded sessions from speakers who were unable to present live. To enhance the flow of the event, WLLX provided an event MC, who ensured continuity from a studio at our London broadcast hub.


The 2020 Virtual Investor Conference was Adams Street’s most attended event to date and clocked high levels of active engagement, with 50% of attendees making use of interactive features. What’s more, the event microsite’s on-demand functionality enabled an even wider audience to
view content, after the event.