What we do


  • Production
    • Comprehensive project management
    • Timeline and key milestones
    • Planning and scoping
    • Feasibility
    • Detailed budget reporting and costing
    • Post event reporting and tracking
  • Creative
    • Creative design and development
    • Environmental design
    • 2D design
    • 3D design
    • Illustration
    • Visualization
    • Storyboarding
    • Art direction
    • Swag and merchandise
  • Content
    • Creative concept development
    • Graphics and broadcast graphics
    • Live broadcast
    • Virtual events
    • Content delivery for virtual audiences
    • Moments of engagement for online audiences
    • Script writing
    • Video production, direction and editing
    • Storytelling
    • Show management and direction
    • TV production
    • Vision direction
    • Vision mixing
  • Technical Production
    • CAD designs
    • Supplier management
    • Tender management
    • Licensing and permissions
    • Health and safety
    • Contingency planning
    • Site management
    • COVID-secure practices
    • Branding and signage
  • Digital
    • Custom Event Microsite design and development
    • Digital journey curation
    • Virtual and hybrid strategy and content ideation
    • On demand edit and hosting
    • Reporting and measurement: Insights and analytics
    • Social strategy
    • Email marketing
  • CAD designs
  • Supplier management
  • Tender management
  • Licensing and permissions
  • Health and safety
  • Contingency planning
  • Site management
  • COVID-secure practices
  • Branding and signage


The foundation of our business, since the very beginning. From event concept to venue search, from creative design to technical production, from logistics to venue management, from audience experience to talent liaison and everything in between, our expert team makes it happen.

Global, local, indoor, outdoor, 50 people or 50,000. Whatever your vision, WLLX brings it to life in glorious technicolour.

what we do


It’s clear that every brand needs a robust engagement plan to weather whatever may come its way. It’s also clear that audiences’ expectations are high. WLLX applies creativity, know-how and tried-and-tested methods to create boundary-pushing virtual experiences that offer an exciting alternative to in-person events—and that will inspire and engage even the most Zoom-fatigued participant.

We orchestrate direct connections between audiences, brands and talent, using bespoke, branded, multi-use virtual environments that are secure and accessible from any location, worldwide.

what we do


WLLX works with clients to understand audience needs, desires and motivations, then combines the right platforms, features, content and delivery to hit the mark, every time.

For powerful participatory experiences with presence and purpose, we optimise the audience journey with meaningful interactions and seamless touchpoints, delivering quality content across multiple channels, and ensuring clarity at every step of the journey.

what we do


Short online attention spans and the temptation to multitask while online highlight the need for content that’s succinct, surprising, authentic and interactive. WLLX offers a number of ways to deliver online content that cuts through:

  • Branded sets and high quality creative TV studio environments
  • Live MCs to elevate the experience and enable real-time audience response
  • Polished, quality production with live graphics, intermix or transposed content
  • Vision mixing live and pre-recorded content for greater control of content output whilst maintaining a live event feel
  • Live vision mixing to enable reactive content based on audience actions and feedback and to curate content in virtual break-outs
  • Interactive moments that drive audience conversation, going far beyond basic chat functions and online polling
  • Live highlights packages replaying the best clips of the day so that the audience can relive the best moments
  • Video production storytelling to seed and reinforce brand messaging, including narrative development, shooting, directing, editing, music.
what we do


Keep audiences engaged with your event, even after they log off.
WLLX helps brands make their virtual experiences work even harder through:

  • Expertly captured footage and professionally edited highlights videos that capture the essence of the event
  • Captioning for highlights and on-demand content to enhance the viewer experience
  • Captioning in multiple languages available in the on-demand player
what we do


Every moment online is a learnable moment. We make sure that the right insights are captured and actioned to enhance future events and experiences. We help you identify and leverage insights such as:

  • Audience journey, behaviours and preferences, analysis and reporting
  • Audience engagement levels and drop-off moments
  • Most popular content
  • Most engaging interaction features
  • Demographic location, language and device analytics
  • Audience data research
  • Traffic, engagement and post-engagement
  • Content performance
what we do



We design and deliver emotive digital experiences that connect global audiences online. Our strengths include:

  • Pure digital and hybrid (live + digital) events
  • Digital engagement
  • Multi-room content and insights
  • Connected experiences: live streams, webcasts, gaming, online meetings, virtual communities, on-demand content
  • Using mobile responsive technology to gather data, increase engagement and optimise content and results
  • Digital marketing coverage and integration: SEO, social, SEM, display advertising, retargeting
  • E-commerce services for sharing, publishing and selling products and services
what we do

Connect with your audiences anywhere, anytime. We design, develop and manage websites for employee engagement, HR platforms, swag and perks and even fitness tracking, as well as event platforms for live streaming and broadcasting.

We offer virtual hosting and content solutions for a wide range of platforms, including:

  • Immersive environments enabling audiences to hear and see each other as they travel through a 3D venue, while showing multiple rooms of live broadcast
  • Fully branded, customised microsites with multiple pages, secure sign in and on-demand hosting for live broadcast content
  • Branded landing sites for live streams or pre-recorded content
  • Zoom Webinar and meetings
  • BlueJeans events
  • MS Teams, and more
what we do