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Getting Weird

Spotify asked WLLX to help create an exclusive fan event for punk-rock artist YUNGBLUD. To celebrate the launch of his Number 1 album ‘Weird’ they wanted to invite YUNGBLUD’s 500 Spotify superfans to an intimate and interactive online event hosted by none other than Allison Hagendorf, Spotify’s Global Head of Rock.

  • Online live gig for 500 fans
  • One-on-one virtual meet-and-greets enabled via Zoom
  • Custom speaker kit created for optimal audience experience
We want to be innovative and playful at the same time. WLLX really grasped that, understood our values and culture and got on board with how we put that forward to our Spotify world, with this end of year party.
Senior PX Specialist, UK
Spotify, 2020

How do you create the buzz of an intimate, private gig in an online environment? Spotify wanted to spark a once-in-a-lifetime moment for YUNGBLUD superfans all over the world. WLLX had the answers.


WLLX used now-familiar online platform Zoom in exciting new ways to host a webinar like no other! High on YUNGBLUD and Spotify’s wish-list was the ability to invite fans to a one-on-one with Dom from YUNGBLUD and WLLX’s tech and show teams made it happen.


Harnessing a familiar platform

WLLX managed the whole project and run of show management on Zoom. The team managed the live show seamlessly from multiple locations around the globe, managing YUNGLUD’s laptop to be able to switch microphones between Q&A and live performances. We ensured that all-important communication between talent, client and show team stayed constant and reliable, with Unity Wi-Fi.

Amping up the audience experience

For the best possible audience experience, WLLX created a custom speaker kit for attendees with an easy out-of-the-box setup. And our responsive tech and show teams were on hand to swiftly activate Zoom’s “panellist” status for lucky individual audience members when they were called out to join Dom, enabling them to interact as though on stage.


By making it possible for YUNGBLUD to engage with top superfans globally, WLLX set the bar for interactive online gigs and performances. The event successfully reinforced Spotify as the go-to streaming partner for artist and music lovers alike.